Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cutesy Pendants-Tweebird

Hi, everyone! Happy Tuesday!

In the huge world of, you can find pretty much anything in any style. So, I thought that I would start out by introducing a shop that I bought one of my first items from. Enter Tweebird's shop.

I absolutely love her claywork. As a fellow clay artist, I know how hard it can be to handle, but her pendants are awesome. I bought two of them and I'm very pleased with them. I wear them with a ribbon choker around my neck and get compliments on them. I like all of her pendants she has in her shop right now, but my favorite is this cute purple one of her little mascot bird. It's so simple, but adorable.

She makes her pendants using handmade stamps she made herself. The pictures on her pendants are always so clear and crisp. She then adds a layer of shimmery powder on top of her pendants to make them shine.

I wear mine with a ribbon around my neck, but a long silver chain would look darling, too. And I just got this deep purple sweater that would go perfectly with it...

You can check out this pendant and Tweebird's other stuff at .